Are cats good for your health?

Disclaimer: If you, or anyone in your household, is allergic to cats.  Stop reading this post and move on with life.  Otherwise, read on!

I heard once that cats are inferior to dogs because if the pet owner dies, a cat will try to eat the body of its deceased owner, whereas a dog will loyally stand guard until help arrives.  Apparently, this factoid is discussed enough that National Geographic decided to weigh in on the matter. 

What did they discover? Well, as it turns out, cats get a pretty bad rap with the whole “eat the dead person” theory.  According to dozens of forensic studies, the evidence clearly shows that, more often than cats, dogs will eat the flesh of their deceased owners.  Just some food for thought . . . er, I mean something to think about . . . next time you play fetch with Fido.

As for cats? Well, there are plenty of benefits for having a cat around.  I suppose it’s hard to justify “not eating your dead body” as a benefit, if you’re not around to enjoy that benefit.  However, your family will undoubtedly be grateful for it.  The aim of this blog is to discuss some health benefits of keeping a feline around the home.

This topic is near-and-dear to my heart.  I feel I know something about it, considering I have two cats, and am a former dog owner.  I am also a wellness fanatic.  EVERY. SINGLE. DECISION. In my life is made with a wellness paradigm in mind.  I’m continually asking what I call the “life-balance-question” I learned in a wellness blog I follow, “Will adding this thing into my life bring more wellness, happiness, and balance . . . or will it destroy my hard-fought equilibrium, my chi?” 

So, will adding a cat into your life add more wellness, happiness, and balance?  And if so, how?

Here are three ways

  • Cats reduce stress which helps your heart
  • Cats improve sleep, which helps your stress, which helps your heart.
  • Cats keep rodents at bay, which helps improve your sleep, which helps your heart.

Notice a pattern?  Sure, it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but in all seriousness, science has shown that, on average, cat owners have a reduced risk to heart attacks because of their stress-reducing companionship.

So, not only will your cat not eat your body when your dead, your cat will also help you to not be dead to begin with!