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What Is Cat Friendly?

We hear the term "dog friendly" all the time. It's used to describe public parks and beaches. A recent trend in the professional world are dog-friendly companies. Even giants like Google and Amazon allow employees to bring their dogs to work. While it may seem...
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Cool Cat Facts Continued

Let's keep talking about how wonderful cats are. And they really are amazing. Have you ever stopped to wonder disease-infested Europe would have lost a lot more people during the Black Plague if it weren't for all those efficient rat killers? Yes, we owe a lot...
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10 More Reasons Cats Are the Coolest

It's impossible not hold a precious little kitty and not grin. But cats aren't just cute. They're also fascinating. It's possible that there would be even more cat lovers if people were more educated about cats. So here are 10 more fascinating feline facts. 1. You...
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10 More Really Cool Cat Facts

The truth of the matter is everything is cool about cats. You could write a book about all the cool things associated with cats. But here are just 10 more, thanks to our friends at BuzzFeed. 1. Having a cat in the home is actually good...
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10 Awesome Facts About Cats

Cats are the coolest, and hear are 10 incredible facts to prove it: 1. Think dog's are man's best friend? Think again. The most popular pet in America is the awesome and amazing domestic cats. There are 88 million pet kitties in the country and only...
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Image format post

I’m going to start with some exciting news before presenting you with a beautiful cat picture. E-book Giveaway! The Cat Owner’s Guide to Litterbox Problems, our new e-book is currently available for FREE on Amazon for a very limited period of time. Hundreds of people have downloaded the book yesterday. You can still download it today and tomorrow. Amazon allows publishers to run this kind of promotion only once, so come Tuesday, the book becomes a paid item once again. Hurry up and download your copy now

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Oddly enough, three our of the four candidates I had for this week’s Picture of the Week featured more than one cat in the picture. As always, all of the cats were sweet and beautiful, so the main consideration this week had to be composition. Not only do these three cats pose for a great group picture, the way the dog worked its way into the picture turned out to be a priceless addition. I think it makes this picture not only beautiful but also funny – what do you think? I guess you could say a dog was our winner this week . The picture was posted in the Gallery…

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