10 Awesome Facts About Cats

Cats are the coolest, and hear are 10 incredible facts to prove it:

1. Think dog’s are man’s best friend? Think again. The most popular pet in America is the awesome and amazing domestic cats. There are 88 million pet kitties in the country and only 74 million pooches. That’s 14 million more cats than dogs.

2. Cats not only land on their feet, they can survive falls from some pretty scary heights. Some cats have been know to survive falling from over 30 stories onto pavement. Wow!

3. You have flocks of sheep, gaggles of geese, schools of fish, troops of gorillas and murders—that’s right, murders—of crows. But what do you call a group of cats. Drum roll, please………it’s a clowder.

4. We all have that friend who can wiggle their ears. It’s a rare gift among humans, but for cats, it’s no big deal. That’s because cats can easily control their ears thanks to over 20 ear muscles.

5. Lazy days are a cat’s forte. Humans spend about one third of their lives sleeping, while cat’s spend 70 percent of their lives asleep. Bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “cat napping” doesn’t it?

6. The next time you are looking for a solid political leader, you may want to consider your cat. A feline named Stubbs has been serving as the mayor of a tiny Alaskan town, Talkeetna, for 15 years. How cool is that?

7. In 2013, a cat ran for Mexico City mayor. Sadly, the people of Mexico City aren’t as down with the idea of a feline running their city as the people of Talkeetna, Alaska were.

8. Ever noticed how a cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper? Well, cats have spines down the middle of their tongues that point backwards, which helps them easily tear flesh from their prey’s body. Tigers have these tongue spines, and so does your tabby.

9. Have you ever noticed your cat grimacing? What they’re doing is called “flehmen.” It’s basically a way they can sort of taste-smell the air. It’s an extra sense that cats have thanks to an organ they have that we don’t.

10. It’s a paradox, but your kitty that is so sweet cannot taste sweet things.

Source: BuzzFeed.com

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