10 More Really Cool Cat Facts

The truth of the matter is everything is cool about cats. You could write a book about all the cool things associated with cats. But here are just 10 more, thanks to our friends at BuzzFeed.

1. Having a cat in the home is actually good for your health. Cat owners a about 30 percent less likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack.

2. There is actually a recording on Wikipedia of a cat meowing. And why shouldn’t there be?

3. While domestic house cats are quite small in comparison to some of their wild cousins, some of them can get pretty big. The world-record longest domestic cat measured in at 48.5 inches. His name is Stewie.

4. We often assume that cats were domesticated by the Egyptians because pharaohs used to keep them as pets and even worship them as deities. But it turns out that the evidence supports the idea that cats were domesticated as early as 3600 B.C. That’s a full two millennia before Egypt’s pharaohs even showed up on the scene!

5. Purring is an interesting thing. It appears to be a sign of contentment, but also one of nervousness. It may very well be a way cats self-heal.

6. Along with this theory of self-healing through purrs, the rate at which cats’ bones and muscles repair themselves is tied to the frequency of their purring.

7. When grown-up cats get together, they don’t meow to communicate with each other. They save that for communicating with us humans.

8. When one cat’s owner passed away, she left all of her fortune to her kitty. How much, you ask? She left him $13 million, making him the wealthiest cat in the world.

9. Even though cats don’t get as wild and freaked out as dogs do when they hear the sound of your voice, they do recognize your it. Pretending like they don’t listen or care when you speak is just an act. Pretty cool if you ask us.

10. It’s probably not the best idea to give your cat a saucer of milk to show them your affection. Sure, they love to lap it up, but they are often lactose intolerant.

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