Monthly Archives: May 2015

Find Cats Everywhere

Every single day, numerous cat fans click kitten video clips and also kitten memes. But the cat craze extends offline. Here are a few cat-centric places to check out when you're out and about. Kitten cafes The Japanese are well know for many things, although spacious living...
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What Is Cat Friendly?

We hear the term "dog friendly" all the time. It's used to describe public parks and beaches. A recent trend in the professional world are dog-friendly companies. Even giants like Google and Amazon allow employees to bring their dogs to work. While it may seem...
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Cool Cat Facts Continued

Let's keep talking about how wonderful cats are. And they really are amazing. Have you ever stopped to wonder disease-infested Europe would have lost a lot more people during the Black Plague if it weren't for all those efficient rat killers? Yes, we owe a lot...
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