” I am shocked! My cat was the worst clawing kitty ever! He also is not exactly a relaxed, easygoing animal either, but to my amazement, he actually let me put on the Soft Paws with out a fight. He was covered in less than five minutes and hasn’t bothered with them since! Now my furniture and my veterinarian can be saved from Simba’s claws. Thanks so much!!”

Mr. John Anderson, Designer,

“I’ve been using Soft Paws on my cats now for three years. Started with Smudge and Custard, and when Max and Fin came along they got them too. This is a picture of Custard modeling her beautiful self, and Soft Paws, after a touch of the ‘nip (my dad had sent some catnip his dad had grown and dried about 10 years before). I love softpaws. They are a great alternative to other options, like declawing, clipping and every week. Thanks so much !!!”

Lisa Whistler, Consultant,

“I just wanted to thank you for a great product! I’ve been using Softpaws on my cat Dexter for about a year. I have to say– they’ve made such a difference. The cat doesn’t claw my furniture (or me) to pieces anymore! Thanks again!”

Tim Barkley, Manager,