Cat Breed Close-Up: Russian Blue

It’s not uncommon to see mixed-breed, run-of-the mill alley cats or household cats that are completely one color. All-white, all black, and all-gray cats are all over the place. That’s why some people may not realize just how special a Russian Blue is.

To the untrained eye, the silvery-azure Russian Blue looks like a typical cat with no fancy pedigree. In reality, they are one of the finest cat breeds around. Don’t let their uniform coat fool you: When it comes to t Russian Blue, it’s the hallmark sign of a true champion.

Russian Blues are quite smart and they love goofing around and having fun. They are a bit reserved when they’re around people they don’t know, but they can create very strong relationships with their owners. It’s their loving personalities and striking-gray fur that make them extremely sought after.

As their name implies, these cat are of a Russian breed that is naturally occurring. In the late 1800s, they made their way from Russia to the British Isles. Following the Second World War, they were developed into a breed mostly in Scandinavia and Britain.

These cats have short hair that is described as silvery-blue or blue-gray. They have a double coat that is very soft and thick, and some Russian Blues have a very muted striping, almost invisible, on their tails. Most of these cats have green eyes.

Russian Blues are pretty mellow when compared to other cat breeds. Like all cats, they have a certain curiosity about the world around them. They are very clever, intelligent creatures too. One thing that distinguishes them from other breeds is their sensitivity toward the emotions and feeling of their human companions.

Because of their high intelligence and playful demeanor, Russian Blues are easily trained to do tricks. They enjoy playing with toys and have a wild strek in them that makes them excellent hunters.

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