Cat Stuck Two Months in Moving Box

There’s an old saying that cats have nine lives. Anyone who has ever had a cat as a pet knows what we’re talking about here: They have an uncanny ability to survive crazy situations and escape death in the most remarkable ways. Here is a recent story that illustrates the point:

Feline Stuck Two Months in Moving Container Survives

Meet a miracle cat named Moosie. For 64 days, he was stuck inside futon mattress. The mattress was inside of a big moving box that got put on a truck in El Paso, Texas and eventually a boat that took him from Tacoma, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska. From there, he traveled by rail to Fairbanks, Alaska, where he was reunited by his completely stunned and happy owners. How he survived the incredible voyage is anyone’s guess.

When his family was getting ready to move from El Paso to Fairbanks, they lost Moosie. They figured he had run off and thought they would never see him again. Obviously, it was tough for them leaving their old home not knowing what had happened to Moosie. They tried their darnedest to find him, but eventually they had to give up and leave.

So Moosie spent more than two months trapped in the dark, inside a mattress with no food or water. What an awful trip that must have been. Then, last week, the movers dropped off the family’s belongings at their new home in Fairbanks. That’s when his owner heard him meowing.

Moosie was home. His owner was in complete shock when she found him. He was frightened and dehydrated, so his family rushed him to the vet. He has been undergoing hydration treatment and for now, he needs to be fed through a tube while his digestive system starts working normally again. But the fact that he is alive is just utterly incredible.

Moosie is no stranger to adversity. He was born inside a wall, and when his mother died after giving birth, his owners had to break down the wall with a sledgehammer to rescue him.

Moosie may just be the cat with nine lives times nine. What a feline!

Source: CNN

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