Cats in Montana are getting rabies

Montana cats are contracting rabies at an alarming rate, and officials are pointing to COVID as the reason why. According to public health officials, cat owners in Big Sky Country need to be very cautious about letting their feline friends outside for any reason, as there is a bigger-than-normal population of bats this year. Why? Well, apparently the COVID lockdown somehow disrupted the environmental equilibrium enough that the bat population exploded. And when the bat population explodes that means higher instances of bats carrying rabies.

It’s my theory that the reason the bat population is so high in Montana is because there is an overabundance of bugs in Montana. With fewer cars on the road, that means fewer windshields killing bugs! The fewer the bugs the fewer the bats. Therefore, the more bugs, the more bats!

And the more bats, the more cases of rabies.

Usually, when public health officials give warnings about cats and rabies, they usually are warning against taking in strays. However, because there are so many rabid bats in Montana, officials are issuing a blanket caution for all cat owners to be cautious about letting their cats outside.

So, please be safe. And this isn’t just for Montana cat owners. This really applies to all pet owners in any state. Be rabies aware!