Cherishing Your Cat

In a previous post, we offered a few suggestions on how to deal with the death of your cat, such as using the calming aromatherapy of Melaleuca essential oils to find peace and comfort.

Nothing will truly erase the pain of having a pet die, but perhaps the best advice would be to live life to the fullest with your cat while it is alive.

Here are a few things you can do to cherish your cat and make every moment count:

• Take lots of photos and videos of your cat. Recording your cat’s behavior, its purring, its silly antics around the house, etc. is a great way to preserve its legacy for the rest of your life. The memory of your cat will remain vibrant and happy when you can view images of its life.

• Celebrate your cats birthday. Mark the occasion by presenting your cat with a gift of its favorite treats and toys. For so many of us, our cats are members of our family. So celebrate the day they were born the way you would celebrate your child’s birthday.

• Talk to your cat. Believe it or not, your cat can understand a lot more of what you say than you may realize. More importantly, your cat knows the tone of your voice. Develop your loving relationship by speaking kind words to your cat. Use a gentle, soft and caring tone so that your cat knows it is loved.

• Pet your cat. This may sound obvious, but there is a real connection that is made when you rub your cat’s belly, stroke its back or scratch behind its ears. And some studies suggest that their are health benefits to you when you run your fingers through your cat’s fur, including reduced heart rate and blood pressure.

• Provide your cat with the very best. This doesn’t mean that you have to server your car food from a crystal goblet or buy it a 24-karat gold collar. But you should give your cat the very best, most nutritional food, as well as excellent veterinary care. This will ensure that your cat is around for you to cherish for a long time.

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