Does Your Cat Run Away?

Cats are a lot more independent than dogs, and when it comes to letting them roam outside, there’s really no stopping them.

You see, if your dog runs away or gets loose, you freak out and try to get it back home as soon as possible. You look for and replace any missing fence slats and make sure your dog doesn’t get out again.

But fences don’t stop cats. Cats can climb and maneuver outside with ease, whereas dogs are a lot easier to keep confined.

We have a cat that likes to disappear. Whenever we let her out, we know there’s a good chance we won’t see her again for a few days.

The first time she took a multi-day trip away from the house really freaked us out. We thought she had been stolen or hit by a car. But on the third day, she showed up meowing at the back porch.

Now, when she heads outside, we know what to expect. She has gone on these mini vacations probably two dozen or so times in the last few years.

Where does she go? We have no idea. Where does she find food and water? We couldn’t tell you. We wonder where she sleeps, who she sees, and what the devil she is up too.

The point is, if your cat runs away for a time, try not to worry about it. For all you know, there may be some kitty convention she’s headed off too. Heck, we humans go to conventions all the time. In fact, we have a lot of good friends at Melaleuca who are headed to their annual convention this week. We don’t mind, and I’m sure their pets get over it.

So, yeah: Your cat, unless it is strictly an inside critter, is going to roam. Don’t be foolish and believe it will stay in your yard because you want it too. Let her be what she is, and sleep easy knowing that she’s tapping into her wild side and going places.

Cats are free spirits, so let them run away. They almost always come back.

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