Find Cats Everywhere

Every single day, numerous cat fans click kitten video clips and also kitten memes. But the cat craze extends offline. Here are a few cat-centric places to check out when you’re out and about.

Kitten cafes
The Japanese are well know for many things, although spacious living areas isn’t one of them. Cramped quarters haven’t put a damper on their love of cats though. Short of collecting Hello Kitty collectible figurines, exactly what defines a cat freak? How about kitten cafes where people can sip a cup of tea or coffee while letting their cats relax alongside them. In Tokyo alone there are nearly 50 of these furball-riendly places.

The six-toed cats of Hemingway House
Hardboiled hombre and writer Ernest Hemingway was a huge fan of six-toed cats, which he referred to as “love sponges.” He especially loved a Maine Coon named Snowball. Dozens of Snowball’s descendants reside at Hemingway’s beautiful house, which is a popular Florida tourist attraction today. With notable lineage and colorful titles like At the Taylor or Charlie Chaplin, dozens of these special felines live on, reveling over rubberneckers’ affection and also their particular movie-star status.

The one and only Sphinx. Kitten mummies. The actual cult that pays homage to the cat deity Bastet. If you want to experience the place where the cat craze all began, you have to go to Egypt. It’s believed that all the domestic cats around the world today are descendants of pets kept by the Pharaohs. In ancient Egypt, individuals used make-up to copy cats’ eyes, and if you harmed a kitty or took it’s life, you were executed.

Kitten Isle, Tashirojima, The japanese
If you idolize felines, you’ll be in excellent company on Japan’s Tashirojima Isle. Known as Kitten Isle, it’s a far-flung destination that’s heaven when it comes to feline fancy. You’ve got a holy kitten shrine, cat-shaped fantastic monuments and also complexes designed with pointy ear and also whiskers in the earchitecture. The number of cats on the island far outnumers the 70 or so people living there. Restricted camping and also sleeping places inside a manga-cat-themed ‘resort’ tend to be occasionally for the particular truly cat-crazed. Every day ferries keep Ishinomaki Metropolis pertaining to Tashirojima.

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