Get the Stink Out

Cats are one of the best companions to have but it is not shocking that your house has been branded with cat stink. This smell normally comes from a litter box. It does not matter how much litter maintenance you do, the smell still may linger.  It may be challenging to find a litter box smell remover. There are many odor killers on the market that can nip this problem immediately.

Litter Box Smell Remover Tips

The fastest way to rid your house of cat stink is to try new odor killers.

  1. Try A New Litter

You can try different litter brands to see how well they work. Typically, clay-based litter is better than newspaper. When you are in the pet aisle, you can look for litter that includes baking soda. It is important to note that the odor killers should indeed be odorless to the cat. If it is not, the cat stop using the litter box.

  1. Odor Killers

If changing litters has not removed the cat stink fully, you can try a litter box smell remover. Deodorizers can either be sprayed or sprinkled into the litter box.

  1. Become a daily scooper

If you have a child, this is a great chore to help them understand the responsibilities of owning a pet. Either way, cat waste should be scooped daily. There are containers specifically for this that eliminate the smell for up to a week when placed in the waste receptacle.

  1. Carbon Litter Smell Box Removers

These plastic liners are perfect for riding horrid smells. The liners can withstand cats scratching them too. These liners fit most of the litter boxes on the market.

  1. Change your cat’s diet

Just like humans, what cats eat can affect their bowel movements. Overall great nutrition comes from cat food that is made with quality ingredients. To change your cat’s diet, you will have to mix some of the old food with the new food.

Litter box smell removers are very affordable. You can start simple with candles or air freshener. If you have multiple cats, you can try having more than a litter box in the house. By using these tips, you will have a more lovable cat-filled home.

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