Happy New Year Cat Lovers!

We hope you and your cats enjoyed the holiday season and are excited for a new year.

This is the time where people set new goals and do their best to accomplish those goals. Actually, since we are late in writing this post, it has now been 11 days since people began working on their New Year’s resolutions. Chances are, most of us have given up by now.

But if you haven’t given up, and are still trying to reach your goals, then good for you! Here are some of our favorite tips for achieving your goals:

• Write your goal down. People are much more likely to achieve goals they write down than goals they don’t. The best thing to do is to stick your written goal somewhere you will see it regularly, perhaps by your nightstand, in your daily planner, or posted on your bathroom mirror.

• Tell someone about your goal. If you keep it to yourself, it’s easy to give up. But if you tell a loved one or friend about the goal you are trying to accomplish, you’ve just created an ally who can keep you accountable on track, as well as offer encouragement and support.

• Maintain a high energy level. For some people, this means jogging 10 miles a day. Others need constant refills on their favorite cups of coffee. If that’s the case, you should check out Melaleuca coffee, brand new this year! Whatever you can do to keep yourself feeling invigorated is a good thing.

• Be reasonable. Don’t decide that you’re going to go from being a total couch potato to a marathon runner overnight. Setting unrealistic goals is actually quite discouraging because it’s almost impossible to attain them. It’s better to set small, achievable goals that can build upon one another.

• Celebrate! When you achieve a goal, no matter how small, celebrate the accomplishment. Hug your cat, go to dinner, or treat yourself to a mini shopping spree.

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