How old is your cat in human years?

Cats live quite a long time, especially for their size. The general lifespan of an animal is proportional to its size (except tortoises, take the record holder for oldest tortoise with the age of 189!)

A tiny mouse has a lifespan of a couple of years, a rabbit around 8 years and a dog between 7 and 20, depending on breed or size. Cats are not much bigger than rabbits, but a cat will live on average about 12-14, and often they reach their late teens or even 20s.

how old is your cat

There are 6 life stages for a cat:

Kitten – 0-6 months

The young cat is growing really fast but is still a little baby <3. Equivalent to humans from 0 to 12.

Junior – 6 months-2 years

The cat reaches full size and lears about surviving, sex (it’s true) and well. Basically about life. Equivalent to humans in their puberty to begin 20s.

Prime – 3-6 years

The cat is physically and mentally mature, and is usually very active and healthy – the golden years! Equivalent to humans in their 30s.

Mature – 7-10 years

The cat is now in the stage that he/she is fully mature and learned all the lessons of life. Equivalent to humans in their mid 40s to mid 50-s.

Senior – 11-14 years

Your cat is a granny/grandpa now. Equivalent to humans in their 70s.

Geriatric – 15 years and over

Many cats luckily reach this stage! Some are still really like seniors. Equivalent  to humans of 80+.


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