If cats ruled the world

If cats ruled the world, mankind would be very busy and quite comforted. Cats are lazy, feeling accomplished after a hard day of sleeping and eating. If cats ruled the world, they would take care of a very minute set of responsibilities. When the dishes needed to cleaned, they’d find the most adequate plate to rest upon. If taxes needed to be raised, a feline president would reside in rolling around in a grassy field. Through refusing to partake in any chore or action, human beings would have to acquire the tasks in order for the world to fall in correct order. Therefor through not doing, cats would have all the control; mankind becoming the motivated servers. People would be very busy not only taking care of their own responsibilities, but the worlds as well. Also, humans would have to take care of the feline anarchy because they are ordered to do so, and because they would not be able to take care of themselves without the providing of food, water, and medicine. Mankind couldn’t let their great leaders fall, so they would continue to take care of them even though they really could take care of their own cat selves if they tried. However difficult or overwhelming these ideals may be for mankind, there is a beneficial and rewarding side of cats ruling our world. After all of a day’s hard work is completed, there would always be a comfortable place to relax. In a cat’s world, uncomfortable items wouldn’t exist. Everything would have to be made ready to provide a body with comfort that can result in a good amount of sleep. Once one was done with work, they would be able to find deep rest and relaxation and plenty of food to re-nourish themselves with. There would seemingly be an even amount of reward for risk and recompense for work. Is that not how mankind currently promotes our world’ system? The harder we work the more benefits we’re supposed to witness. Most follow the idea of work hard, play hard. People are often forced to compensate for our rulers mistakes and fill the gaps they cannot successfully fix or suffer even greater consequences. This is not a choice but a survival method. So what really is the difference between a world ruled by cats compared to our current system? If felines did control our earth, at least they’d be too lazy to wage war.

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