Seeing the World Through Your Cat’s Eyes

I recently came across a funny cat meme in which two cats were sitting on an end table directly in front of a window looking outside. The cats had knocked over houseplants, spilling top soil and water all over the carpet. The caption: “Your S#&% Was In Our Way.”

The cats simply wanted to look out the window and observe what was going on outside. They plants meant nothing to them: They were only a nuisance.

That meme served as a reminder to me that sometimes we forget that our cats see the world much differently than we do. Do you have a dedicated window where your cats can gaze outside while they are home alone all day, or are all your windows covered or blocked by plants, lamps, curtains, etc.?

I took a look around my home and realized that my cats have to compete with a lot of windowsill decorations just to get a peek outside. So I rearranged a few things and put a couch right up underneath my front-room window. I pulled back the curtains and opened the blinds so that my cats can easily sit and gaze outside with a completely unobstructed view. They love it.

(I also noticed that my window was absolutely filthy, so I gave it a good cleaning with one of my favorite Melaleuca products called Clear Power. It does wonders on windows and glass! Check out a few Melaleuca reviews to see what I mean.)

I guess my whole point is this: Humans prefer their surroundings to be a certain way. But that way is not always the way cats prefer it. We may like to have loud music to jam to when we are at home, but our cats like silence. We may prefer to have our cats sleep outside at night, but they prefer sleeping inside during the day.

If you truly love your cat, then find out what it is they like and accommodate them. They’ll love you for it all the more!

Sources: Idaho Falls Melaleuca, Petsmart

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