Should Your Cat Have a Resume?

OK, this might sound a little strange, but you may want to consider creating a resume for your cat. Here’s the reason:

If you are a renter, as much as it pains us to say it, your cat may be a hindrance to you when you are looking for that next great apartment or house to rent. Property owners have the option of allowing cats, dogs or other pets at their properties. Some places don’t allow pets at all, while some allow pets no questions asked.

However, the best properties are usually run, managed, and owned by people who are willing to allow pets under the right circumstances. When you can show that you are a responsible pet owner, and that your pet—your cat in this instance—is house-trained, well-behaved, etc., you are putting your potential future landlord at ease.

So how do you convey that you and your cat are winners? That’s where a pet resume comes in. Now, your cat won’t have a CV that looks quite like yours, but here are the basics you should include on your cat’s resume:

• Name and Photo. Let your cat’s face be seen, so your landlord can make a connection.

• Description. Tell your landlord what your cat looks like, what breed it is, what gender it is, how old it is, its personality, how it interacts with other pets and people, etc.

• Experience. Where has your cat lived in the past? Was it respectful of the property? Landlords want to know this before they agree to welcoming your cat on their property.

• Health. Describe your cats health, including a list of immunizations or any conditions it may have. Talk about how often your cat is groomed.

• Schedule. Does your cat stay inside all the time, or does it routinely leave the house to explore outside?

• References. List previous landlords, neighbors, and, of course, your vet.

In addition to a pet resume, you might want to consider creating a LinkedIn profile for you and your cat to share. Look at what companies are looking for and how they create their own LinkedIn page. And consider having a theme or mission statement. Melaleuca, for example, lists its mission of enhancing lives, the industry it operates in, its founding date, etc.

When your landlord sees that you are serious about your cat and respectful of property, you’ll have the advantage in getting that next dream home for you and your feline!

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