Sweet Pea Cats are a web-based charity, currently identifying loving, permanent homes

Since 2000, Sweet Pea Cats have gathered and captured over 4,600 enthusiastic cat images for late-night-drunken or busy-office-day perusal. They hope their customers will experience nothing but tons of fun sharing them with their friends and family. Sweet Pea Cats are a web-based charity, currently identifying loving, permanent homes for over 5,000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year. They come from rescue shelters across the UK and Ireland through their ‘Virtual Cat Shelters’. Their on-line homing services are provided free of charge to save groups, large and small, from the many hundreds of independent rescue centers and rehoming groups to branches of the bigger organizations. They also assist vet practices to find homes for cats left in their care. Cat Chat was first launched in June 2000, by founders Mandy and Steve, inspired and assisted by their two rescue cats Gemini & George. As the website grew, and more shelters and cats were featured, greater numbers of rescued cats began finding homes through the site. The internet, and Cat Chat in particular, was quickly becoming a essential rehoming resource for shelters. So, with the goal of assisting many more rescued cats into homes, a small group of trustees was recruited and in 2003 Cat Chat became a registered Charity. There are a lot of reasons why people should consider rehoming their cat. Some scenarios are unfortunately unavoidable, but in many cases rehoming can be avoided with a little help and information. Cat behavior refers to the behaviors and habits of domestic cats, including body language, elimination routines, aggression, play, and communication. Cat behavior differentiates among breeds. The service is operated by the Blue Cross in partnership with the Society for Companion Animal Studies. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and their friends are warm and snug. Nutrition can be a main factor in maintaining and even bettering the health of ones pet, but only a veterinarian can determine what role food can play if a pet is sick. As part of National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative, National Geographic Education is working with their explorers and grantees to help teachers educate their students about the importance of big cats and conservation endeavors to protect these large predators. The Cat Chat site has identified loving residences for many thousands of cats from rescue shelters and rehoming groups across the UK and Ireland – currently they source homes for well over 5,000 rescued cats each year

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