The cutest cats that you cannot help but adore!

Like humans, cats and dogs come in various shapes and sizes, they have distinct physical and behavioral characteristics and thus there are some cuter breeds and some not so cute breeds. Staunch animal lovers may take offense but the truth is that not every cat or dog is cute. Some can be quite weird and outright ugly.
There are several breeds of cats that you would certainly fall in love with. Their cute faces, quaint but interesting physical features and their demeanor will surely win your hearts. Here are some of the cutest cats that you cannot help but adore.
• Cornish Rex is a weird little cute cat. It has two bat-like ears and an egg shaped face. Soft curly coat and rather big expressive eyes, an easy going and comic cat, the Cornish Rex is easily one of the cutest felines there is. It is not surprising why it is called Kitty Comedian.
• Egyptian Mau looks wild but once you start petting it, you would love it. The breed is one of the friendliest felines out there and you would fall in love with its gestures, especially its facial expressions.
• Devon Rex is again another extremely cute breed. Its ears may remind you of Yoda or some other alien but it is of this world and would easily get comfortable in your home.
• Maine Coon is the kind of cat that you must get if you love cuddling and all the head bumping and patting. The kittens of this breed look tiny but the cats can grow quite large. From their coat to their eyes, the ears to their nose, these cats are unbelievably cute and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from cuddling them and playing with them for hours.
• Persian, or what is lovingly called Quiet Cuddler, is one of the most favorite breeds of cats in the world. In fact, it is the most popular breed in the United States and several other countries. The thick coat, the gentle and sweet face, the purrs and indulgences, the care and love, everything about this cat makes it special, and indisputably cute.
Some of the other cutest cats in the world are Ragdoll, Siamese and Sphynx among others. Which breed will be of more interest to you will certainly depend on your personal preferences. But that they are all winners in the category of cuteness is not up for debate.

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