What to Get Your Cat This Christmas?

Tis the season for doting on your cat with Christmas presents. We all love our furry companions, and what better way to show them our affection by lavishing them with a gift or two this holiday season?

If you can’t decide on what to put in your cat’s stocking, here are a few feline gift ideas:

• Treats. Your cat should be eating a regular diet of healthy, veterinarian-approved cat food. It should be a mix of wet and dry. But every once in a while, you can go ahead and give your cat a little tasty morsel. There are plenty of treats out there, but again, before you choose anything, it’s a good idea to run it past your vet.

• A new collar. We love to get accessories for ourselves like necklaces, scarves, and hats. Is your cat’s old collar looking a little dingy? Or worse yet, is your cat collar-less? If so, why not splurge on a nice new collar and tag.

• Scratching post. Is your cat constantly scratching the corner of your favorite living room couch? Consider buying a high-quality scratching post. Your cat won;t be able to resist it, and if you put it right in front of the spot where your cat has been scratching your couch, it will start scratching the post instead and ultimately prefer it to any other item it can sink its claws into.

• Shampoo. Yes, cats clean themselves on a regular basis. But ask any vet, and they’ll tell you cats, just like dogs, need regular water baths. Melaleuca.com sells a great, safe pet shampoo.

• A friend. Maybe it’s time your cat gets a feline companion. The best gift you can give your cat, and your family, is a new furry friend to love and cherish. And you can really do some good this holiday season by adopting a cat from your local shelter. Ultimately, you’ll be giving a new cat the best Christmas gift of all: a loving home.

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