Which Felines Are the Most In-Demand?

Many canine fans are aware that Labrador Retrievers have long been the favorite dog in America. Next in line are German Shepherds, Yorkies, and Golden Retrievers. However, do you know the favorites among felines? The most sought-after feline breeds are as diverse in color, size, temperment, etc. as the different canine breeds that make up the top 10.

According to research numbers, you’ll find roughly 90 million domestic felines in America, but only about 3 to 5 percent are purebred.Among those felines, here are the 10 most popular breeds:

1. Persians: These cats have been the top cat for a long time, since 1871 as a matter of fact. That’s when the Cat Fancier’s Association started keeping data. Persians are very loving, and true their owners. If you get one, make sure you OK with regular grooming, as their long hair definitely requires it.

2.. Maine Coons: These big furry cats have been runners up in popularity since 1992, and it’s easy to see why. Maine Cons are docile and affectionate, and their size give owners a lot to love. Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 pounds, which is considerably larger than our average Tabby. While there hair is long like a Persian’s, there’s good news: They don’t need to be groomed as often.

3. Exotics: As their name implies, these cats exude beauty and mystery. They resemble Persians; however, they don;t have the long hair. These cats are very kind, and they do fine with a couple of brushings each week.

5. Siamese: Fans of this cat know all about their distinctive meow. Siamese are known for being vocal, and if you like having a conversation with your cat, this is the breed for you. Siamese are slender and agile, affectionate and true, and they typically bond with a single individual.

5. Abyssinians: Abyssinians are absolutely gorgeous cats whose look evokes ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs. Their lustrous coat is to die for. They are very slender and muscular, and they’re sociable, playful nature makes them a lot of fun to have around the house.

6. Ragdolls: So named of the way they go dead in your arms, these cats are very largeā€”up to 20 pounds. They are very peaceful. So much so that it’s best to keep them inside around the clock to protect them from the dangers outside.

7. Birmans: These cats are so sociable and friendly that they almost resemble dogs. So if you like dogs but want a cat, this may be a good choice for you. Birmans are distinguished by their silky flowing coats.

8. American Shorthair: These cats showed up to the New World with the pilgrims, and they’ve been beloved by American households ever since. They are known for their robust health and hunting prowess. They are great around youngsters too.

9. Orientals: While these cats look an awful lot like Siamese, they are somewhat different. They come in hundreds of looks, and they are much less noisy than Siamese.

10. Sphynxes: These cats look like they left their fur coat on the hanger. Because they are hairless, they are great for cat lovers who have allergies. They are extremely affectionate and don’t enjoy being ignored.

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