Why cats are great pets

I feel that cats get a bad wrap as pets. Why is it that so many people are quick to judge these fun felines as messy, disloyal animals? As a long-time cat-owner, it makes no sense to me. As my experience having cats as pets has been nothing but positive and wonderful. So, in light of recent conversations with friends who are naysayers about cats, I would like to address some of the reasons why I believe cats are great pets.

First, it’s important to note that there are plenty of reasons as to why a cat might not be the ideal pet for somebody. For example, allergies might be a reason why you can’t have a cat. Another reason might be because your landlord or family members don’t permit it.

But for those of you who are resisting the idea of having a cat as a pet simply because of what you’re reading online about cats being bad choices as pets, this blog post is for you.

Here are five reasons why cats make great pets

(1) They are easy to care for

Cats are so easy to care for. Yes, they sometimes barf on the floor, but name me one pet that doesn’t do this on occasion. Cats are some of the easiest pets when it comes to training them to do their duty in the right place, if you know what I mean.

(2) They are fun to play with

Cats are some of the funnest animals to play with, and it doesn’t take much to keep them engaged. A laser light and a ball of yarn can give you hours of fun as you watch your cat chase them around the room.

(3) Cats make great mousers

Enough said.

(4) Cats are great cuddlers

This is a wonderful trait for a pet, especially if you’re searching for a “companion” pet, one that provides comfort and helps with stress relief.

(5) Cats live fairly long lives

Cats can live up to twenty years if cared for properly.

(6) BONUS: Cats are easy to transport.

Because cats are so nimble and small, they are very easy to take on long excursions and trips, so you don’t have to leave them at home and hire a cat-sitter.