Why do cats headbutt you?

Why do cats headbutt you? Is it because they like you? Is it because they dislike you?

Contrary to what many in the world might say, cats really are quite smart. And while it is true that these feline companion pets are considered part of the family with names, beds, and even a place in Christmas card photos, there are still animals. Consequently, because they are animals, cats will exhibit animal activity including leaving their scent around.

Now, for those of us who watch Animal Planet, we may think that the way animals leave their scent to mark territory is usually by peeing on something. While this is true for many animals, felines included, cats also have a more “sanitary” method of letting the world know what’s theirs. This is done by leaving a subtle scent by rubbing their head against objects, including humans.

What does it mean to “mark territory”?

This is a good question. When a cat marks its territory, its as much a message or reminder for the cat himself than it is a declaration to the world. When a cat marks an object, including a person, it is a way for the cat to mark the object/person as “safe” for future interaction. So, if your cat headbutts you, consider it a good thing. However, if your brother headbutts you, consider it a not good thing!

What if your cats doesn’t give you a headbutt?

If your cat fails to headbutt you, don’t take offense to this. Just keep loving the cat and if the cat continues to love you sans headbutt, then there’s nothing to worry about. All cats are different in their own quirky way.

And although you may think your cat hasn’t headbutted you, chances are high that she actually did headbutt you when you weren’t noticing, like when you were taking a nap in the recliner, or when you were sitting at the table eating dinner.