Will a cat eat you when you’re dead?

Will a cat eat you when you’re dead? Sounds like a macabre question, but surprisingly, it is asked quite a bit. The internet is awash with this question, so I figured this would be an appropriate venue to answer such a query. After, this is a cat blog!

First, why in the world is this question even being asked? Well, as it turns out, there is an urban myth that suggests that dogs are more loyal pets than cats because if their owner dies, a dog would supposedly starve to death before attempting to eat the owner’s corpse. Whereas, cats, as the urban myth suggests, are less loyal because they wouldn’t hesitate to begin eating the corpse of their owner.

An unfair myth

The answer to this silly myth is quite simple: There is no evidence to suggest that cats have a higher propensity to eat their dead owner’s corpse than dogs. In fact, the evidence seems to point to dogs as being more easily tempted to consume human flesh than cats. Here is a headline from a news story earlier this year attesting to this fact: It comes from the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia: “Family members find dogs eating owner’s body inside West Philadelphia home.” Oh, dear.

With that said, it certainly doesn’t mean that your cat won’t eat your body if you’re dead. It does, however, put to rest the false assumption that dogs won’t eat your body!

Both dogs and cats will eat human flesh

I guess the purpose of this post isn’t to say that cats aren’t going to forgo eating mice eat the body of their dead owner. Rather, the purpose is to say that it’s unfair to assume that cats would and dogs wouldn’t! The truth is, they BOTH might. As National Geographic confirms, (in a gross way) the biggest difference between dogs and cats when it comes to consuming dead owners is where on the body they choose to eat. Apparently, cats are more inclined to begin eating at the face whereas dogs, being descended from wolves, are more interested in fleshier, meatier areas.

Okay . . . now that I’ve sufficiently removed your appetite for the next few days, I suppose it’s a good time to close this unsavory blog post.

Now go pet your cat!